How we gave the cycling solicitors a purpose…

When Tom Reynolds and Mike Macdonald came to us, they had what you might call a problem. They were respectable personal injury lawyers, but their branch of the profession had been taken over by cowboys. (Think the baddies in the Magnificent Seven.)

They needed a purpose. We helped them find it as

They were both keen cyclists. They cycled to work every day. The roads in London are a menace. One in every 134 cycle journeys end in a casualty. Most people just complain about it. But Tom and Mike could do something about it because they were lawyers. They could hit bad drivers where it hurt – in their pocket – and they could get the potholes filled in.

So the Cycling Solicitors were born. And to show how serious they were about their work, they promised to take action to cure potholes. All other cyclists had to do was report a pothole to them, and they would use their legal skills to get it filled in for free. It’s early days yet, but they’re already getting the potholes filled in.

If you’re a cyclist, or just hate potholes, you can report one at – you can even upload a picture that will appear on this lovely map, part of a brilliant campaign created by the mighty Mr Felix Trunk. So spread the word and share the link, and let’s stand up for cyclists.


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