Survey, schmurvey


I was pleased recently when i received an email telling me that I was among the top five per cent most viewed profiles on Linked In. Then I got to thinking.

And what I thought was this: this is one of those meaningless stats (like the fact that you and I are among the richest one per cent of people ever to have lived.) Effectively, if you make a pyramid whose base is that broad, then even the top five per cent is going to be enormously broad.

Linked In is claiming something like 400 million active users at the moment. But if the top five per cent of them are as inactive as I am, then the network is in trouble. I reckon my profile has been viewed less than 400 times in the last eight months or so – and that puts me in the top five per cent? What does the bottom five per cent look like? No one knows, because no one has ever looked at them. (They’re like those silicon-based life forms in the black depths of the ocean…)

And then I started to think like an advertiser, and I thought that if I was one, I probably wouldn’t be bothering with Linked In just yet, because it’s just a lot of big numbers with very little action. And that worried me a bit, but not as much as it would if I was working for, or worse still, if I owned a piece of Linked In. They need to generate more action among their users. And that’s going to take better strategies, better data and better creative ideas. (See, I didn’t say ‘content’ at all.)

But it isn’t all bad, because later the same day, a friend of mine swanked over to say that he was in the top ten per cent of the most viewed profiles on Linked In. Oh how we laughed.Image


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